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2020-02-22 11:46:21
“I would not be exaggerating by saying that a day of flying model airplanes can be personally rewarding. Same as a golfer hitting a hole in one. Since I was 4 years old Model Aviation has been a large part of my life. For more than 50 years I have safely flown model airplanes in a manner that full scale airplanes can’t be flown. That is to say that extreme aerobatics and 3D flight is achieved without the encumbrances of regulation, expense, or risk that burdens full scale aviation in the US. And in the event of a model airplane crash, there is no property damage because most models are flown over open fields. And most importantly no model airplane pilots lives are lost when model airplanes crash. The current FAA attempt to control the airspace so that commercial robot drone deliveries over populated areas can take place is substantially flawed. Burdening model airplane flyers with expensive remote ID reporting devices and cellular requirements is needless and excessive. The high number of commercial delivery drone crashes caused by bird strikes, failed technology, weather, obstacles, etc. over and into highly populated areas will result in excessively expensive property damage and personal injury litigation making the concept of delivery by drone an economically unsustainable form of delivery. Therefore the unmanned drone delivery concept is doomed to fail, even before it begins. This Remote Identification of MODEL / TOY AIRPLANES (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) scheme is flawed beyond saving. Please veto, cancel, and discard this ill conceived proposal in it’s entirety.”