, Wyoming

, United States

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2020-02-14 23:31:59
“I grew up in a time when it was hard for young boys to get into RC flying. I grew up in a family of pilots but sadly my father passed away in a private plane crash when I was young. I used to go on walks with my grandmother, on the route was an RC field. I loved to stop as long as she’d let me and watch and try to learn about them. As is sadly the case for many, a lot of the old timers did not exactly welcome anyone with open arms. I never got the chance to fly RC then. A few years later I started flying ultralights as it was a cheap way to get stick time vs paying high dollars for flight instruction. I joined the Marines and worked on Cobra’s and Huey’s from ’03 to ’08. I deployed to Iraq twice. I would have loved to get back into “full scale” aviation but time and money are limited, and my wife and family are not crazy about the idea. I started dabbling into the hobby again after I got out which one could say has turned into a full on addiction now! I live on a large ranch in Wyoming and I started using drones and FPV planes for ranch work almost 10 years ago. Of course the FAA says you can’t “further a business” (its the same rule for private pilots) so I’ve done what my dad, his brother, and their friends always did as pilots. I don’t take money for anything I do, and I may accidentally see my own cows and property while on a recreational flight. I’m actually planning on starting a “drone” business as my background in aviation and skills at building equipment are well suited to this task but its a difficult prospect given the FAA’s recent proposals threatening to severely cripple this exciting new industry. Many thanks for everything you are doing, not just for the hobby, but the industry as a whole! God Speed and God Bless!”