, Evanston

, Illinois

, United States

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2020-02-25 15:46:11
“Look, I am an adult type person living in a city. I do not have the time to plan out and drive the (likely) 30 minutes to get to a flying field and then get crapped on because I fly little, nearly toy “unserious” machines with crap equipment. I just want to go to the nearest park (with nobody in the way) and fly a couple of lazy slow-flyers around that weigh less than a softball. It does not take a rocket surgeon to figure out that the real reason for these new rules is to “clear out” the world for commercial drones to make money in the public’s airspace. Think of what it would be like if suddenly the gov’t said “You know those main roads? Yeah, we may want to tax you on that more so that we can make it such that only delivery trucks can afford to be on them.” Flying takes (for me) most all of my concentration – it is a zen like way for me to enjoy a passion of mine – airplanes, without the extreme expense of flying actual airplanes. I have as much a right to do so as anyone, and without paying fees in dollars and grams, and without allowing anyone who looks at my 200g plane going 20 mph and thinks “OMG if that hits my car it’ll burst through the windshield and kill me” to find my home and harass me. All while some kids play hardball the next park over (that would damage a car).”