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, Massachusetts

, United States

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2020-02-25 15:42:09
“### I’m currently a technology specialist for my local school system. The school owns a couple small drones, 750 grams or so. We have stem programs from the 3rd grade up. These kids are working on building everything you can think of. The robotics, multirotor, fixed wing and rockets are the most popular. We fly on the playing fields when in school. Always ‘line of sight’. I have been building planes since I was their age. The fun of building what you fly never gets old. Most models don’t last long. They crash and we learn to repair them. Please avoid putting IDs on balsa and foam recreational models. Allow personal airspace. I rarely fly over 150 feet and always ‘line of sight’. 400 feet is restrictive horizontal space for flying even small fixed wing craft. Having said that I also believe in testing in my own back yard-roughly 150 feet square- before venturing to a larger field or park. Give me that bubble around my house. No full size aircraft have ever been close to my house. I agree with registering and IDing commercial drones as well as requiring safety features but I think the faa should be concerned with only heavier commercial drones. Let the hobbyists play and let the kids learn. If they want to go bigger give them a path. I know kids that can’t wait until the rules are set so they can start studying for the license. Lastly, I don’t want to be negative and I know my examples are extreme but don’t go the way of prohibition and gun laws by creating a bureaucracy that turns citizens into law breakers. The happier the majority are the more likely they will self govern and assist in proper use and enforcement.”