, Raul country

, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-13 18:00:03
“I learned to fly with the Apprentice after watching Josh early on Flite Test I now own over 25 Horizon Hobby bind and fly planes and 4 DJI quads with HD cameras. I fly in the country over my property or one of my neighbors with their permission. I have taught farmers how to get an off the shelf DJI product and to film their crops then put it on a computer and the judge how their crops are doing. Done the same thing with ranchers to check cattle in the canyons. I live close to the canyons and am on the volunteer fire department and if the department needs my help in search and rescue or location on fire in the canyons I’ll put one up and they can watch in real-time. I have an FAA number for all my toys and I fallow the regs.”