, South Bend

, Indiana

, United States

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2020-02-18 22:30:10
“Flying is, so far, a 3 generation tradition in my family. I have spent many years with my father enjoying flying, and now that I have children of my own, I am teaching them about aerodynamics, air foils, electronics, flight theory, and so much more. My daughters are quite young, age 8 and 5; however, they have developed a love for aviation and from the STEM nature, they are likely inclined to continue their education in related fields. I would hate to see their education stifled because of over regulation. If model aviation never existed, would aviation ever come to fruition? Would there even be an FAA? Flying is a part of who I am, who my daughters are and who my dad is. I even present at conferences on STEM activities, including flight. I was working on the logistics of working with a local hobby store to hold workshops for young people to learn to build and fly model aircraft. I also volunteer at the University of Notre Dame and assist the senior students in the aerospace program as a build advisor. See, even academic institutions have students build radio controlled model airplanes and test fly them. Why? Because students get real world experience before being turned loose into the aviation workforce. It would be a shame for students to lose that learning aspect before attempting jobs where full scale planes are being built. There is community service with model aircraft, for example, my local rc flying club works with universities, seniors, children of all ages. This could all come to an end and it would be sad for the community to lose such service.”