, United Kingdom

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2020-02-23 18:14:20
“I’ve been flying for around 10 years, in UK, all ways had bmfa insurance even when not a member of a flying club. Have joined club as flying in UK easier at a designated area, previous to this had access to raf alconbury run ways free of charge and we all had our own insurance. Lan d development stop our flying. Due to flight test I’ve started in electric planes made with foam board, and loving making own planes. In UK we have a 20 question test that cost £9.00 for flyer I’d, but people who do silly things with planes and drones won’t join clubs or have insurance there’s people in the world who don’t care what they do or where, would the government ban alcohol because some people drink and DRIVE?. Will be a shame if the hobbie becomes to much of a hassle due to a minority of silly people in the world.”