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, Massachusetts

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2020-02-23 18:20:28
“I started out flying with a small DJI drone that I brought with me everywhere. I never used it where I shouldn’t and always obeyed all the rules posted by the faa. A couple of times a saw other people using their drones in places where they shouldn’t (ie near airports, sports games, etc.) I thought that if a handful of people were taking advantage of the rules and flying where they shouldn’t, then it would ruin the hobby for all those that are rule followers. Later down the road I started to get into RC airplanes (all small foamies) and found them much more fun than your typical photography drone (I also live in downtown Boston so you have to drive somewhere to fly it). And I found them much less work to just go to my school turf field and fly there, no one ever cared, as no one was really never there. I am concerned about the new remote-id, as there is no wifi there, and I will not be able to fly there anymore. This means that I will have to drive 1 hour out of my city to fly a small rc plane that weighs the amount of a tennis ball, and drive an hour back! This is not fair. I wish the faa changes their policy on this stuff. I can see why you need more rules about RC flying, but not to this extreme. I think that the faa can make changes to some RC items, like fully autonomous drones, but if you just want to but a motor and 2 servos on a Walmart glider, that should not be regulated. Imagine if every year a school did a build your own motorized glider challenge, but couldn’t participate this year, because they would have to do all this unnecessary stuff when its harming no-one.”