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2020-02-13 22:16:15
“It all started around the age of 7 a son of American missionaries serving in Brasil taking scrap pieces of wood out of my dads shop and building what I envisioned to be great big flying machines holding them and running around the back yard at what I thought was supersonic speeds. In my young teens I saved up my money to buy a Carl Goldberg Eagle 63 and almost a year later being able to buy a Fox .45 and a MRC radio from a local hobby shop on layaway. The passion was born. In high school I served as the president of the Explores chapter (BSA) at GRR . In college as I was working on my A&P I served a term as president of our local AMA flying club. Built and flew and crashed many models. In 2003 With my wife and my two young boys we attended the First Flight Centennial Celebration in NC. Currently with sons we have attended Flite Fest Texas and many live aircraft fly ins, air shows along with the opportunity to view many museums. If the current proposed FAA remote ID rules goes in effect as written, that grossly favors in protecting corporations who will greatly profit from taking the right, privileges and privacy of us (citizens) it will put this hobby to an end with all the unreasonable hidden expense, needed equipment and unrealistic restrictions . This hobby is just not about all the fun, fellowship and learning but it is what has energized many carriers and innovations that have madeusthe USofA.”