, Fortson

, Georgia

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 21:04:46
“I’ve been in the hobby for 55+ years. I’ve flown rubber band, sail planes and RC. I’ve flown in parks, vacant fields, club flying field and now on my property. I fly, my son flys and when old enough my grandsons will fly. It’s a great hobby. It promotes fellowship, personal responsibility, safety and immense satisfaction of knowing something you have built with your own skills and hands takes off, flys and lands. Some of my best memories with my son are when we spent time building my model planes during the winter months and waiting for spring to come in order to head to the flying field. In the five plus decades I’ve been in the hobby I’ve never had an injury, safety violation or incident. I’m very concerned that government over regulation will limit participation, increase costs to the hobbyists, reduce flying sites, prevent individuals from flying on their own property and ultimately kill the hobby.”