, Woodinville

, Washington

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 12:32:10
“RC flying has been a lifelong hobby. I build my own airplanes, and fly at a local soccer field with permission of the county, and always under direct visual control. The proposed regulations make some sense for autonomous and FPV aircraft, where there is the possibility of operation out of line of sight, and where the possibility of intrusion into airspace is a safety concern. They do no make sense for any of my activities, nor for the majority of hobbyist RC flyers in general, particularly fixed-wing flyers. My recommendation is to focus on FPV and autonomous aircraft, where the risk and opportunity for unsafe operation is greater, and the identification of the operator is more difficult due to the possibility of operation out of line of sight. For people like me, who fly in accordance with current regulations, in direct line of sight, and close enough to see what my aircraft is doing, the proposed regulations are unnecessary and massively intrusive.”