, White Oak

, Pennsylvania

, United States

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2020-02-22 18:25:05
“Im pissed. Thought the initial FAA registration was ridiculous – never thought it would go as far as RID. For commercial drones, its fine – I’m all for it, but there is absolutely no need to to restrict recreational flyers, fixed wing or otherwise. I don’t like the fact that any kid can get a multi-rotor aircraft, put a battery in it, and fly it unsupervised, without permission, over private property, or any adult for that matter – there should be some regulation there. My opinion, the FAA should have done research over the past years and presented real data as to why this recreational activity presents a potential danger to public safety….or for whatever reason. It’s senseless and without substance. We (AMA members) have been policing ourselves for years – no problems whatsoever, and now we need help from the FAA to control what we do – that’s complete Bullshit. So, personally, I cant say that I’m not going to comply – I will if the FAA makes reasonable changes, otherwise I’ll wait for someone to narc me out, or have the State Police just show up at my front door, taser me, and throw my ass in jail. Here’s a thought – they want to regulate anything that takes flight from the ground right? Then why don’t they demand that each and every bullet sold in America be serialized so it can be traced back to the person who purchased it. That to me makes a hell of a lot more sense than flying a model airplane with RID.”