, Tampa

, Florida

, United States

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2020-02-20 15:04:48
“I have been flying Helicopters, Planes and FPV Drones for over 8 years. This Hobby has allowed myself and my son to find something that we both enjoy and can work on together. This hobby has brought an uncountable amount of people together in friendship. One of the most important things about this hobby that I have found is the fact that it gets people excited about technology, STEM and mechatronics. My son who is nine is capable of writing code, has a 3d printer that he designs his own parts on, has a knowledge of electrical theory and can solder his own electronics. This hobby has him excited about being a design engineer when he is older. All of this is 100% from this hobby and the joy it brings to him an other pilots. If this hobby gets completely locked down due to regulations it will push a large portion of the people that love this hobby away. I do believe that there should be some type of regulation, such as drone identification if they get lost or are in some type of incident that requires knowledge of who the pilot is. One of the easiest ways I think is to register the flight controller somehow. Sometimes the frames may be difficult to mark but an identification on the flight controller is just code. If there is someway of using an app would be good as well, if you are logged in to the app you are good to fly. If you don’t log in and get caught now you are in trouble. This option would require zero hardware on the drones, or airplane, or helicopter. Just a simple login showing location and then the app can say you are clear to fly in that area. I am one of the officers for our local flying club in Tampa, Cigar City Multirotors. We have over 250+ local pilots and over 500+ world wide on our FaceBook group.”