, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-15 14:20:57
“My Great Grandfather and Grandfather were pilots, so I guess it is always my dream to fly. My Dad found the Flight Test site and we have building airplanes and flying for a few years now. I believe it is a great and relatively inexpensive hobby. I have four kids and 9 nieces and nephews that do most of the flying. The kids build their own planes with some assistance and enjoy every minute of it. This hobby has really brought our family together. The kids will take extra parts, design and build their own planes and gliders. My oldest son of 16 is planning a career is multi-media and uses his drone to projects for school. My youngest son of 14 now is aspiring to join the US Air Force Academy. Two of my nephews want to be aviation engineers. Regulations are needed, but some of the proposed restrictions would most likely cause my family to have to give up our hobby. We live and fly on our own land so we have more room to fly than most. When I think about the young children and even the adults across America that fly.. I would hate to see theirs and our dreams disappear. I believe there is a compromise out there that we can agree on and hopefully our elected politicians will represent all involved. This is AMERICA land of the free and home of the brave.”