, Nebraska

, United States

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2020-02-13 22:02:13
“I have been building and flying RC airplanes for over 30 years. My grandson Thaddeus started flying RC with a buddy box at 3 years old and has been flying RC since. Hestarted building and flying his own design electric foam board planes at 9 years old. He started building quad copters from parts at 12 years old. He has now become an expert RC pilot. He is now 17 years old and is enrolled next fall in commercial aviation at the University of Nebraska Omaha with plans to become an airline pilot. He would not be entering a career in aviation if these restrictive FAA rules had been in place for the last 14 years. He and I formed a strong personal bond because of RC that most grandparents can only dream of. The proposed FAA regulations would have made all this impossible. Our rural flying field is 30 miles from any airport without cell phone service and would be outlawed for no reason. There is absolutelyno safety issue regarding flying at or field. Our 80 plus RC airplanes would be worthless for no justification whatsoever. There need to be separate regulations for controlled airspace and a separate set of regulations for uncontrolled class G airspace. line of sight recreational RC flying does not need the same restrictive regulations that Commercial Drones do. RC airplanes are “NOT” Drones period and the FAA claiming they are is preposterous.”