, Cocoa

, Florida

, United States

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2020-02-22 12:27:21
“I fly foam board fixed wing aircraft. Mostly from plans available on the web. Some kits from Flite Test. Being a disabled veteran of the Gulf War, this has been very therapeutic in allowing me to interact with club members every week to enjoy the freedom and fellowship of model aircraft flight. The club has given me the opportunity to fly different types of model aircraft without the need to invest in more hardware. Members there have been mentors with guidance in improving my flying skills. The club I fly with requires that all members be AMA members as well, because our field is under AMA guidelines. We follow all AMA safety rules to the letter. Our flight line master is a very conscious leader that demands compliance. With this oversight, I (and the rest of the club members) see no need for the FAA to impose further restrictions. We are miles from the nearest airport, and in a very urban area. Right next to the county dump as a matter of fact. The few neighbors we have raise and keep horses and other livestock. In the three years I have been a member, there have been no complaints of noise or overflights. I urge the “powers that be” to allow the AMA to continue to be the premier safety and regulatory body of recreational model aircraft flight.”