, San Dimas

, California

, United States

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2020-02-22 12:27:35
“I love the community aspects and the simple exploration of flight. I understand the need for regulation that needs to be widely disseminated based on some recent safety events. However, I also worry that the proposal (as written) will make remote flying so cost prohibitive that I will have to permanently ground many of my smaller model and be unable to do something as si.ole as fly in a very open, unpopulated area of a park or a schoolyard (with reasonable restrictions) to ensure many of my slightly larger than micro models stay out of the way of larger general aviation aircraft. There is also the educative aspect of this hobby to encourage STEAM that will be heavily cut down just because of the extra cost to set up a ‘one time, one day’ demonstration of models at a flying site like a school yard (other reasonable constraints from the present framework not withstanding like NOTAMs). What would help control cost would one set of RFID components could be registered per pilot, just like how all the planes are currently registered to their pilot, setting up for a reasonable, traceable and accountable framework paired many of the other regulations (online testing) to achieve much of the desired results, without unduely impairing the accessibility of the hobby to achieve many of these other meritous benefits such as education in STEAM, fostering future participants and innovation.”