, Newport

, New Hampshire

, United States

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2020-02-13 19:50:08
“I’m recently retired.Have always had an interest in flight.When I was young,the type of R/C equipment was financially out of reach.This hobby has given me a lot.Assembly skills,soldering,reading plans,problem solving,some computer work. I believe that recreational flyers,as long as they obey common sense rules as established by AMA,which has a great safety record,should be exempt from more regulation.Most hobby pilots I’ve seen are proximity flyers,below treetop level,empty or abandoned buidings,empty playgrounds,woods.I think the one number registration which we have now for recreational craft under 55 lbs.,maybe coupled with a phone app to let authorities know you are in the area and for how long,would be enough to ID you if there is a problem. In a rural area like I live in,having to connect the craft to the internet may not always be possible.Also,the closest flying field I know of is an hour away.”