, Coral Springs

, Florida

, United States

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2020-02-13 20:18:06
“I got into RC Flying in 2016 and quickly got involved with FliteTest, including running the build tents at FliteFest. I currently fly mostly DLGs and prefer to fly with friends. DLGs are nice gentle fliers that allow you to talk and enjoy your friends around you while being a bit competitive (seeing who can stay up the longest when launching at the same time). I mostly fly at established AMA fields but do occasionally fly at a friends house. My main field is in Broward county FL where I Have good cell signal. However, practically all the other fields are in remote rual areas like Hodges Hobbies, Fuery Field, and Edgewater Park. My friend’s house is also in a remote rural area (closest WalMart is over 30 miles away). My concern with RemoteID is that my DLGs do not have space, power, or weight capacity to carry anything more than the FrSky GPS (11.3g, 40mm20mm9mm(L x W x H), and about 50mA and 3.7V). They are just over 250g (though some are just under) and are powered by a single cell 500mAhr to 800mAhr LiPo battery. That with my FrSky GRX6 receiver and the servos is about all my DLGs could handle. If the RemoteID could work with that equipment (or equivalent in size, weight, and power) and work with my FrSky Taranis transmitter in areas where I do not have WiFi nor cell, I would consider it. But I fly a Hodges Hobbies (SEFF, HAEFFI, Punkin Chunk), FliteTest locations, and a friend’s house (he live in a remote part of GA) where I do not have access to WiFi nor good cell service. ##### I think the idea of FRIAs would work for me but they would have to be permanent (not something to be phased out or limited application window) and something that I can apply for at non-CBO locations (like my friends house in middle of nowhere GA). Maybe use something like LAANC to apply and get approval for temporary FRIA. If FRIAs is not an option, then I do not know if FrSky will be making RemoteID compatible receivers within the limits I have for my DLGs and, if so, how long until they do.”