, Iron Mountain

, Michigan

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 17:32:32
“I live in a remote area. I drive an hour to get to my club’s field to fly. The site was deliberately chosen precisely because of it’s rural location that’s away from people, for reasons of safety, and to spare anyone any stress or discomfort due to the r/c activity. While there is cell phone coverage, there is no WiFi anywhere near. That is inherent to most remote rural flying sites. If I have to retrofit my aircraft with additional RFID devices it will be prohibitively expensive, and I would have to gut the aircraft to install them. Balsa aircraft are glued, and do not disassemble without significant damage. Adding another device inside the already limited interior space of the aircraft would most likely require moving the other components, disturbing weight distribution and upsetting critical balance requirements. I believe that the changes in rules as put forth, would result in most r/c aircraft pilots leaving the hobby. I feel it would probably inhibit people that may become interested in the sport, from ever getting into it because of the over-regulation and the added expense. The authors of the proposed rule changes, I feel, cannot be knowledgeable about the topic, and are making the suggested changes based upon expediency, rather than good solid research or experience. Finally, for someone to suggest that a traditional line of sight r/c aircraft and an fpv drone are alike and should be put into the same categories when devising new rules and regulations, needs to do further quality research on the subject. Comparing the two is like suggesting fish and watermelon should be governed alike because they both have something to do with water.”