, Kalamazoo

, Michigan

, United States

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2020-02-22 22:50:00
“I just started flying a few years ago with small helicopters and now have started to learn how to fly RC planes. I love it! I never thought I would be able to “fly” these rc planes or helicopters as I have cerebral palsy that affects my legs and hand coordination. So I thought I could never learn to use the transmitter. Many years ago I watched a friend of my fathers fly a rc plane that was connected on strings and he had to turn around to fly the plane. I so wanted to do that but knew physically I never could. That was 55 years ago. Now with the new technology I flew my small RC plane for the first time last summer. I actually started to cry because I never thought I would be able to do that. I just thanked God for giving me the ability to do it. It was a boyhood dream come true. I am 65 years old. I have trouble driving long distance so I have to fly at a field near my house. So having to go to an approved flying field would greatly hinder my being able to fly. I am very aware of safety issues. I do not fly if other people are around. The only person I fly with is my wife as she will get my plane for me after I land it. I so love this hobby wish I had learned earlier. Thank you!”