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2020-02-19 17:07:41
“I fly LOS model sailplanes (gliders) that are launched to altitude with an electric motor, specifically FAI F5J competition models. I was the team manager for the 2010 FAI F3J USA World Championship team that swept the gold medals in Dole France. Model avaitions is a HUGE part of my life. I’m also a licensed GA pilot and full scale aircraft owner (Cessna 172). I agree we need safety regulations in place for GPS guided, or long range FPV flight. But, traditional LOS model aircraft that have shared the sky’s with full size commercial aviation for over 80 years should be exempt from these rules. I get that there are idiots takes his GPS guided quad copter into an active forest fire area and are messing this up fro everyone. Fine – regulate the hell out of them. Dont lump the model aircraft that my grandfather, my dad, me, and my boys (4 generations) have built and flown on our own property in with the current mass of GPS enabled, FPV quadcopters and foamies…. its not the same thing. I got my pilots license because of my model aviation as a kid. My day job (engineering) is a direct result of my modeling as a kid. My family builds and sells composite parts as a direct result of my time in the hobby. These regulations have a direct impact on my life. Traditional model aircraft flown via LOS should be exempt from these proposed regulations at all costs. you will kill a hobby that has been a HUGE part of my life.”