, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-19 5:39:07
“The hobby has absolutely changed my life for the better. Enjoyment and experience of flight. Firstly the fun and enjoyment i have been able to experience through the FPV and model aviation hobby is immense. I have also made great friends, some 3x my age, and others half my age. Our hobby brings like minded people together, that would not otherwise meet. I have learned great life lessons from older flyers/builders, and been able to help others younger than myself. Education through building, experimenting, and testing. I have learned and developed understanding, that i could not otherwise achieve. All through building, testing, and tuning. Just to mention a few: Programming software development methods PID controllers and tuning Aerodynamics Electronics design, and repair PCB design, SMD solder rework Through this process i have gained the knowledge I needed able to pursue professional work that i enjoy, and am still constantly improving my knowledge, and furthering my career. Everything I have been able to accomplish, and experience, would become impossible with the currently proposed regulation. All my flying is done SAFELY, and does not pose any risk to any persons or aviation. Regulations can be made to still allow our great hobby to thrive. Darren”