, Massachusetts

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2020-02-21 16:11:51
“I have been flying since I was 9 years old. I am a lifetime member of the AMA. Every club that I belong to now and have previously belonged to has had safety as an important element. I do not know of any prior safety issues within any of these clubs. I always fly within line of sight. These new regulations are overly burdensome, very confusing and will likely if continued make R/C flying a thing of the past. This is a good hobby that brings a lot of joy and relaxation to its members. My opinion is that quad copters have brought a lot of problems due to many that fly them not being members of the AMA or a local club. Quad copters and remote control airplanes should not in the same category and should not have the same regulations. It’s hard to find local fields for AMA sponsored clubs and that will become more and more difficult if not impossible. The financial burden of these regulations will likely mean that I will not longer be able to fly my planes after close to 50 years of doing so safely and appropriately. It is a very sad time for model plane enthusiasts like myself.”