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2020-02-25 10:46:24
“I first started with Model Airplanes and then to model helicopters, and then found FPV flight with multi rotors. If I was limited to a Club field with different flying opinions, this would be a huge turn off for me as I wouldn’t be able to just fly the short 5 to 10 minutes with FPV I normally would enjoy with no opinions or hassle for club dues. I do agree there should be some sort of flight restrictions to public places and commercial flight areas as this would pose a safety risk, but flying in an open field or in your back yard is virtually harmless to everyone. I agree there should be a ceiling limit to model air craft to limit the risk for Airlines, but I don’t think having an identifier on model aircraft will make anything safer. Flying model aircraft really is one of the only things that bring inspiration to me. One thing I can say “Hey I built that with my own two hands and can fly it to perfection.” If I may put it in an Analogy: If I told people they could only work on Motor vehicles in an approved shop and never in their garage, what do you think that would do for the American Economy and industry for cars?” I believe this is that same thing for model aircraft as well.”