, New York

, United States

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2020-02-25 11:14:44
“My son and I fly for fun, recreation, aviation knowledge and social outreach. We are both registered AMA members, and local club members. We are always friendly to non-fliers and always offer information to interested parties at flying sites. I could see paying a one-time fee per pilot to guarantee exemption from Federal prosecution, but to have to register or add devices to our combined fleet of 30 airplanes would prove to be a financial burden. We have not ever had negative interactions with private citizens or corporations, and we obey the 400′ rule, even at the club field. I agree that there is a reason to regulate sophisticated drones that could potentially interfere with public privacy, transport or commerce, but the hobbyist culture of RC needs no such regulation or interference. Please take my concerns into consideration when drafting any and all legislation.”