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2020-02-14 21:08:01
“I am a third generation flyer. I am a life member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics and a Life member of the Experimental Aircraft Association. I am also an honorary member of the Nemesis Air Racing Team. Full scale and model aviation have been in my family forever. My grandfather built and flew models and full-scale antique biplanes. I am a maker and a small business owner with a practical effects film studio in NYC. Aviation of all types is my inspiration, recreation, personal motivator, and something I get tremendous joy from. Model aviation takes me out of the city to beautiful places where I safely and responsibly enjoy flying my electric model planes and helicopters via line-of-sight. I fly at AMA sights, on private land, and in remote areas which often include lakes where I can fly float planes. I own and fly scratch built, almost ready to fly, and bind and fly models ranging from 12″ wingspan to 100″ wingspan. These are foam or wood construction with conventional line-of-sight radio control. They require skill to build and fly. I have never operated them in a way that is dangerous or with disregard for people or property. I would never endanger others with my activities and have the utmost respect for the safety of manned aircraft operations. I am also careful not to disturb the peace and quiet of others with my models. I have made every effort to be a good ambassador for model aviation and to encourage others to do the same. I believe that what the FAA has proposed with Remote ID will destroy traditional model aviation and that it opens the door for full-scale recreational aviation to be harmed by commercial UAS interests. I value the right for all to safely enjoy our shared national airspace for purposes of recreation and personal growth, not just commercial exploitation. It is not reasonable that our long-standing model aviation hobby, community, and industry should be destroyed because commercial UAS cannot find a more appropriate way to integrate with existing airspace users. I would like to be able to fly traditional model aircraft on my own private land. I do not feel that the FAA should be able to take away that part of my life and family tradition on my own land at low altitude just to make way for commercial interests to fly at low over my property. Aviation and the spirit of flight are part of our American spirit of invention. The technological innovations represented by UAS should not be given priority to take away the very spirit and freedom that allowed them to be created in the first place. It’s about quality of life and our personal freedom to safely enjoy our sky. Thank you.”