, Connecticut

, United States

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2020-02-14 20:59:25
“I have been involved in model aviation for nearly 40 years. It helped me to get my first job working at a hobby shop after school. It also set me on a path for a career in what we now call STEM (we just called it Engineering back in the day). Although I got away from it for a while, I rekindled my interests about 10 years ago when I realized that there was more to life than climbing the corporate ladder. It helped me to remember who I was when times were hard, and it has been a beacon for me to follow for the future. I am a few years out from retirement, but I have been planning my retirement around finally having the time to dedicate to this hobby that I always wanted to have. This is all up in the air (pardon the pun) right now. I am, of course, concerned about how these new regulations will impact me, but I am even more concerned about what this means for the next generation. Will I be able to teach my grandson how to fly? Will I be able to impart upon him the sense of accomplishment that comes from building your own model airplane then seeing it actually take flight? This hobby has inspired so many (like myself) into a career in aviation and/ot technology. How much will we lose if we let wither and die?”