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2020-02-14 15:49:27
“For me, flying model electric airplanes is more than a hobby. It is about me picking up my granddaughter on a Sunday afternoon and going to the field to spend time together. It is me leaving work after a particularly stressful day and stopping at a park to spend down a couple of batteries. I keep a small UMX park flyer with two batteries in my truck. By the time I get home, my mood has improved, and I’m a better person for it. It’s about gathering with friends on a Saturday morning and flying for a few hours while talking about our families, politics or the latest plane that was just released. We practice our hobby safely, without bothering anyone or intruding on people’s privacy. Placing restrictions and regulations on model aviation will impact those of us that practice the hobby in many ways. We will be restricted to a very few areas that, by default, will become crowded making more difficult and a lot less enjoyable. It will become a financial burden that will inhibit a lot of people from entering or staying in the hobby. Most of us are honest, law abiding hobbyists that enjoy our pastime safely and responsibly. Please consider the differences between Model Aviation and Unmanned Aircraft Systems. There is an entire community that could be affected negatively without solving any of the issues that are concerning the FAA. Thank you for the opportunity to voice our concerns.”