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2020-02-14 15:49:28
“I was raised in a professional flying family and been flying for well over 50 years. My greatest joy is paying forward the passion of flight for those seeking to learn, GA to RC. My concern now and moving forward is airspace education for the non GA sector of pilots flying RC. I became involved in the Flite Test community six years ago providing young aspiring pilots to learn to fly at an affordable cost point while at the same time engaging in positive relation building time with parents and friends. Aviation by it’s very nature brings people closer and the RC community of pilots offers such a gateway for growth therein. I have watched my students move into the cockpits of our finest jet fighters, airline captains and general aviation aviators. As I watch people getting involved with RC, airspace education and promotion of safe flying areas will do more to promote rather than restrict. The added costs for data recognition and enforcement will greatly limit if not destroy recreational flying. Historically, the insurance industry found that raising rates for young drivers didn’t stop accidents, education and experience did. I spent several years traveling to FBO’s around the country talking with pilots about airspace intrusions information that saved lives as well as fines. The advent of camera drones has opened a whole avenue of aviation photographers seeking to get that perfect aerial shot not fully understanding the airspace they are sharing with both professional and non- professional pilots and subsequent consequences. I believe that educating pilots about the airspace they share with GA will do more to reduce intrusions than the financial burdens of sophisticated sensors. The benefits of the RC community far out weigh the few detractors who regardless of rules, will continue their ways. To educate will elevate airspace awareness and reduce intrusions.”