, Georgia

, United States

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2020-02-22 17:31:49
“I am a lifetime aviation enthusiast, Air Force aircrew veteran and grandfather. I started flying RC models over 25 years ago, then stopped for a few decades because of life (career, family, moves, lack of flying sites). I didn’t have a hobby for a few decades. Last year when sick in bed I discovered the Flite Test videos on YouTube. After a quick bit of online research I further discovered the extent to which the RC hobby had evolved. Electric flying was very rare “back in the day”. Now the electronics allow group flying, are smaller and less expensive, and more available due to online shopping. The concept of formboard airplanes was the deciding factor. I design and build tech for a living, and I build what I need for around the house. The build-then-fly in a short time frame is great! Building a balsa and monocote RC model would take weeks; now a Flite Test speed-build kit means next day flying. I now have my grown son and HIS son interested and started building. I, and my wife, love having a hobby to relax AND keep my brain exercised. My piloting skills will eventually get better to reduce the crash-fix-fly cycle (which really isn’t all that bad). I am an AMA member primarily for the insurance and because the local flying club requires it. The members of the flying club are mostly advanced in age, primarily because us old dudes still like to have fun that doesn’t include our phones. Ok, that was a cheap shot. I will do what I can to encourage building and flying skills because it requires patience, motor skills, and getting actually outdoors!”