, Williamston

, South Carolina

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-14 20:44:49
“ALCON-I started in the hobby as a kid building static model aircraft. Then I transitioned to RC planes as I grew into a teen. As a result of my interest in model planes-when I became an adult- I furthered my education into full scale aircraft and became a FAA Certified Airframe/Powerplant mechanic. I have built a successful career with a large defense contractor for approx 33 years. I truly believe that without this hobby we have today I WOULD NOT HAVE BECAME AN AIRCRAFT MECHANIC. TO THE FAA- most ALL of us hobbyists are law abiding citizens that have a lot of passion and love for the hobby. Please reconsider applying unnecessary rules that would add considerable costs and restrict our hobby. Thank You for your time.”
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