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, Texas

, United States

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2020-02-14 20:20:10
“Started with my grandfather and dad both were EAA members. I help build a j3 as a kid with them. Love to fly then and now. I picked up a lp cub at a Pawn shop and my grandkids loved to fly it. Then I found FliteTest opened a whole new world to us. We went to flitefest texas and now we build and fly as often as we can. I have 10 acres outside of town. And we have friends with land that also fly. I had hoped to start an RC club for kids and parents. But if the new FAA rules don’t change it will cost too much. The only place we could fly is 40 miles away. This hobby has made our family closer. It has helped the kids in school and changed their outlook. It would be a sad day if I have to tell them we cannot fly. * * *”