, Florida

, United States

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2020-02-14 6:46:20
“I have been flying safely for over 6 years. It is a great joy and relaxing part of my retirement. Along with my club members we represent both retired and active police officers, military contractors , grade and high school students, electricians, engineers, and others from many walks of life. I also mix with the young at events live Flite Fest. In addition I am an FAA 107 certificate holder, have an FCC Ham radio license, and am an active Volunteer CERT member serving under Polk County Fire Rescue. The hobby is an open book of learning in many fields. Today I can say for the first time that I am disgusted with the FAA. It is time for them to stop serving only corporations and other government agency’s that want to instill fear without facts to steal freedom. In summation, Model Aviation in every form, represents one of the finest programs this country has to offer. Our resumes do not say TERRORIST. Stop treating us like them. Stop pretending this is for the good of the national air system. Instead, protect and restore the future of our youth and the enjoyment of our retires.”