, Arizona

, United States

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2020-02-22 9:41:53
“I’m an older American who has been around the model airplane hobby much of my life. I’m also an FAA certified Private Pilot. I find this proposed regulation to be abhorrent and oppressive. Clearly, this is another example of how President Trump and his Republican (blind devotees) ilk has perverted the long-standing ideals of the Republican Party—particularly that of limited governmental involvement in average citizens’ lives and limited regulations. For the president, it’s fine to limit regulations when it benefits his wealthy cohort, but he has no qualms of taking advantage of the majority of Americans to suit his inconsiderate and immoral ends. Despite what he claimed during the 2016 campaign, his policies are mostly hurting those within his voter “base.” The proposed regulations here are just another example of his disregard and disdain for the majority of Americans he purports to represent.”