, St. Augustine

, Florida

, United States

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2020-02-14 10:19:30
“I started flying models 61 years ago. I have always been a member of the AMA and have flown under their safety and operational guidelines. I have flown at many sites including on airports and have never seen or experienced a problem of any kind involving full scale aircraft. I fly model aircraft simply because I love the building/creating aspect and the joy of seeing something I made with my hands leave the ground and perform as an aircraft should. I hope the FAA realizes that a large number of today’s military, commercial and even astronaut pilots got their start and love of aviation be building and flying model aircraft. These proposed regulations will serve to destroy for many the opportunity to experience aviation at an early age. For modelers like myself, it will destroy a hobby that I have loved almost my entire life. I sincerely believe that the FAA is trying to take care of a problem that does not exist when it come to the recreational model flyer. As I see it, the problem lies with the people (I will not call them modelers) who are flying FPV over wildfires, over crowded sports arenas and down the the streets of cities and towns. The FAA needs to concentrate on the actual problem instead of trying to lump everyone into one category, Without this hobby, I will lose something that is very important in my life. I would really hate for that to happen.”