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2020-02-22 16:38:01
“I have been around a/c all my life. My father went into the a/c business after WW2 buying, repairing, selling a/c 13 BT13, 3 AT6, 1 P38, 1 PT22, 1 PT19, 3 T50. He kept one of the Bamboo Bombers and flew numerous CAP searches all over the western US. I flew on most of the a/c and went to work for Pam Am passenger service for 26 years. After having heart trouble I started flying model a/c without any government regulations and have enjoyed this immensely. Yes there are a few bad apples in a large basket of apples and have become a danger to public and commercial a/c. These individuals need to be caught and dealt with harshly especially involving airliners. We dont need another federal bureaucrazy to govern with hundreds employees, to govern a small group of law abiding citizens many which are Veterans and have excellant common sense not to fly there a/c near airliners or endanger the public. I do believe there should be harsh Federal Laws dealing with dangers to private or commercial a/c especially and the public in general. t”