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2020-02-20 9:45:49
“Aviation has been an interest since childhood. Easy entry into model making has directed and facilitated my early self-learning and impacted my professional development and career. I have worked on the technology of and personally participated in the flight test of an advanced ICBM inertial guidance system mounted aboard a modified F-94C military aircraft. This had direct and timely bearing upon the nation’s security. Model aviation made that possible through low cost and uncomplicated procedures for entry and nourishment of my early interests Raising the cost and complicating the procedures will discourage entry by many bright youths and likely result in a significant and undefinable cost to the progress of the nation. Who can forecast what societal benefits simple curiosity and low cost experimentation will reveal? There are multiple existing examples of those benefits from many fields of endeavor, including those of model aviation. There are many potentially stifling costs involved in too severe regulation. There has to be a balance between the commercial and the public interest. That balance is of benefit to all. Afterthought: If registration, identification telemetry, and geo-fencing are required of all recreational flyers above a minimum weight, who will pay for and implement those technologies on Canada Geese and other large birds? Who then will have priority, commercial interests or protected species?”