, Rockford

, Illinois

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 19:13:02
“I would like to be able to one day share the next generation a love of drones. Not just for fun but how to fly safely and also to let them know they can study in different fields for jobs as a drone pilot. Ariel photography is a passion of mine and I spend many hours of my free time flying. I want to one day aid those in law enforcement and other entities who save lives be able to use my drone to safely search for people in times of natural disasters. Apps like Kittyhawk keep drones and people safe by knowing where we are at all times. This is an efficient tool that does work for safety and we should not be limited to one small area of our great city. To do this will ultimately kill not only the hobby itself but the drone industry will not stay a strong one and continue to grow. I completely understand the safety of the public but as you know true drone enthusiasts take all precautions when it comes to flying.”