, Missouri

, United States

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2020-02-26 14:02:23
“A decent chunk of my life has been shaped by the RC Hobby. I got hooked young and it ended up steering me towards Engineering. In summers between College semesters I interned with Horizon Hobby which gave me many insights into industry, product development, electronics, mechanical design etc. Then while at college I met one of my best friends because he was flying a custom built quadcopter (back when FC’s were 3 harvested heli gyros soldered to a board with almost no processing power, the original KK Boards). That friendship built my confidence in electronics and led to me joining a design team where I met another 6-8 of my good friends. Also in college I was able to get a technical job because of my experience in multirotors. Between the people I’ve met, the jobs I’ve had and the experience I’ve gained, a lot of that is due at least in part to model aviation. I can say with absolute certainty that this chain of events would not have played out the same way if Remote ID was required, or if flying at pre-designated areas was required. The cost and inconvenience would’ve been enough to keep me out of the hobby when I was younger and I feel would’ve significantly stunted my social and professional growth.”