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2020-02-15 0:24:15
“I am a 3rd generation model aircraft enthusiast and it has played a critical role in my professional development, family, and friendships. I have been flying since I was five years old and so has my father. His father was in the hobby in the 60s when the technology was first becoming readily available. Their shared interest in aviation and model aircraft provided me a priceless education and immersion into a unique culture. I am now an engineer working on commercial space hardware and defense projects. Prior to that I got to work at the largest general aviation aircraft producer in the world and was privileged enough to get to work on what at the time was a brand new ground up airplane, a rare occurrence in full scale aviation. None of this would have happened had it not been for model aviation, the people I met in model aviation, and being allowed to experiment within model aviation as that cemented my interest in aerospace engineering, aviation, and space that would turn to passion and eventually a fulfilling career where I get to contribute to both the furtherance of society and the security of our nation. I am forever indebted to this “hobby” and am afraid of how many people may never be afforded the opportunity to find their calling in life as I have, due to the egregious and burdensome regulatory structure that is about to descend on this unique gateway to happiness, economic stimulation, and technological innovation.”