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2020-02-26 11:42:07
“in part its a freedom issue (power grab by the FAA) but more so, the proposed rules fail miserably to accomplish their stated goals, and do so at enormous cost. My story, is that of a hobbyist turned areal surveyor, in rural ND (and around). It is not a significant portion of my livelihood, but has the potential to be and has greatly benefited my community/clients. From my view, Remote Id and real enforcement of rules is absolutely needed going forward. Not so much for safety, but for future congestion. This is why a local broadcast (on the vehicle, as part of the telemetry link) RID with a logging function would be so beneficial. The end goal is effectively an electronic “see and avoid”… well at the 1-4mile range of most telemetry transmitters, that is a plenty large bubble of visibility. Since all is visible in that bubble, you can further daisy chain (via software) to get a longer view if needed. If we are to trust a self driving car to stay in its lane and not hit the car in front of it, than a locally broadcast RID should be more than enough info to locally implement see and avoid for those larger more complex craft. a simple rule should govern such a system: the more control the pilot has, the more righto-ofway they have… hence a GPS guided drone would yield to virtually everything, and a manned aircraft would only yield to other manned aircraft. the litany of gradations between would yield as they are able. Back at home, the drone (via app or usb) could then upload its logs to a LAANC enabled system for the gov to track their hot spots. Since delayed flight logs seem to be okay in the NPRM they should be okay here as well. I am not a fan of requiring LAANC for every flight… don’t think the game “Asteroids” is a model for UAS or for the manned aviators descending into the 400′ fray. Note the NPRM actually doesn’t even address the manned aviation part…”