, Switzerland

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2020-02-19 12:53:51
“as humans cannot fly it’s the only chance to have the feeling of freedom and control of which direction you take when your model flies in the sky. My kids (age of 2 and 4) love watching it. And it’s my only hobby which my wife even fascinates (she’s learning to fly now as well). I’m from Germany living in Seitzerland. So remote id does not affect me directly. But EU and Switzerland are following the same route as the FAA. Those 3 together started a USS platform with Aurmap in 2018. The paper’s on their website says it all. Except back then recreational pilots were not considered to comply mandatorily (optional particiation). Today it’s different. Severe regulations which will make the hobby and the fun, learning, building and knowledge irrelevant for me and my family and other rc pilots I meet every weekend for flying FPV quads. Even worse: they will make something illegal which was legal for decades. Quit the hobby or risk being caught by law enforcement. Or risk going personally bankrupt in case of accidents when insurrance won’t pay because you dif not follow regulations. Good thing for you guys in the US: you have a lot more voice than those fewer pilots in Germany and Switzerland. Our goverments won’t even ask the public for comments on any proposal. Alex PS: I would totally implement “Flarm” in all my models (except whoops). Checkout Wikipedia and TBS supports it as well. Local broadcast system”