, jamestown

, North Dakota

, United States

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2020-02-13 19:05:23
“Hey all, i have been flying for a few years now. I can’t explain how great this hobby is, the words don’t exist when seeing the smiles on kid around the my neighborhood when i let them take the controls of a new 3d printed micro, flying some park flyers with a few friends in a field, or going out to a to a park or scenic view for some recreational fpv. The fact this hobby has a price range for just about anyone to join in and start, it pains me to see the FAA bring in new regulation to put a ban hammer on anyone who isn’t commercial. I mostly fly for fun, and to learn how to build better aircraft, its a shame that may be going away. i live 80 plus miles from any designated flyzone or club and traveling isn’t in the cards.”