The FTCA vision is simple, that is why our motto is as well: “Bringing Hope to the Hobby.” Our plan for accomplishing and maintaining this objective is by providing the recreational model aviation community with a place where individuals can assemble (virtually and physically) to promote and protect the future of model aviation by engaging with one another and advocates.

Along with promoting and protecting the recreational model aviation hobby, the FTCA is dedicated to lowering the barrier of entry for getting people into recreational model aviation safely, legally, and properly. It is our imperative that the current and future generations of aviation enthusiasts can enjoy everything that the recreational model aviation hobby has to offer in a way that is approachable for all ages.

Education, information, and technology has made the recreational model aviation hobby easier to access than ever before. Therefore, our passion is to help people get into the hobby without any unnecessary burdens is even more approachable. Flight is such an incredible gift and opportunity to share with others, and it is our desire to make sure that everyone can access what makes it such a special activity.

New and emerging technology is very important to the future of recreational model aviation, as well as general aviation as a whole. This is why the FTCA also promotes the importance of connecting with the next generation of aviation enthusiasts through educational platforms that interest and inspire all ages. The FT STEM curriculum is the FTCA’s main choice for this objection, not only for its existence, but for its ease of use and its effectiveness to engage everyone involved with it.

Our motto is our mission! “Bringing Hope to the Hobby” is more than just a catchy phrase, it communicates the desire to see people affected through building upon the common interest of recreational model aviation in order to impact the future of general aviation.