Campaign: RemoteID NPRM

Fred Carrigan (fred*@*

I don’t think it will help anything by adding more restrictions on the flyer it’s already expensive to keep the hobby going without adding more restrictions. We work hard to keep up with all regulations and Safty rules we go by AMA rules and regulations . We don’t need any more regulations.


Flying is a freedom, it allows me to put my daily concerns to the side and completely focus on something else. Flying is something that brings my family together, it has generated interest with my kids and gives us something in common to do together. I am not blind to there being problems, i see …

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Steve A (stev*@*

For me, flying temporarily unleashes me from earthly bounds and a limited point of view. It encourages me to look at the bigger picture in things, to see what I cannot necessarily see from one perspective only (I am also an amateur astronomer for the same reason). It allows me to appreciate scenery that would …

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Daniel (Sink*@*

I live in a small town. I don’t live anywhere near airports or fly around private property. I’ve dreamed of flying since I was a kid and this is the closet I can get to it if the proposed plan passes I would never be able to fly again this ending a dream I’ve always …

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Chris N (tk45*@*

Balance between safety and ease of use is key. restrictions need to be limited to where they are actually needed. In today’s market of off the shelf aircraft, added cost of clubs or memberships is a blocker for many people who have already spent substantial income on the hobby. This could be a barrier to …

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mike wilson (mntw*@*

hi me friends and my family have been off and on rc hobby flying over my life.i have flown rc helicopters years ago and remote control balsa wood home built small gliders that you throw and then control that i have made wiht my kids and family over the years and now they are doing …

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Pete (pete*@*

The USA is often regarded as the global standard on many regulations, and if not is certainly the most influential globally. This type of regulation sets a GLOBAL precedent that I do not believe has been appreciated in this case. Please, show some rationality for once and focus on positive regulation rather than punitive management.


David Killmer (djki*@*

Retired air traffic controller (31 years at Boston ARTCC). Been flying all types of RC aircraft for 40 years. The main problem of safety lies with gps enabled, stabalized, non- line of site, aircraft and drones- not legacy rc aircraft. Regulate the problem – not the hobby that has a sterling 100 year old safety …

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Bob (rsmi*@*

Flying is the one place I can clear my head, I have a lot of stress in my life, flying really helps my emotional state. Additionally, I learn a lot from the hobby, I design and build many of my aircraft, both fixed wing, and multi rotor. I don’t feel that regulation is going to …

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Alderking (wing*@*

Flight is beauty, inspiration, joy, science, wonder, mystery, perspective and so much more. It is an integral part of nature and therefore man, his mind, and imagination. The thing that bothers me most about the FAA’s NPRM is there comments about FRIAS and how their language sounds very restrictive and corrosive towards FRIAS, particularly down …

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