, California

, United States

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2020-02-14 11:40:47
“I have several a few multirotors and airplanes that i fly as a hobby. I have 2 young kids and would like to enjoy the hobby together. I believe that if the user is responsible and make good judgement it can be a very safe hobby. If the regulations are simple, clear and easy to follow we can enjoy the hobby without causing harm. Flying a light weight craft can be as safe or dangerous as a playing baseball. If user flies using good judgment and being responsible it should be fine. Most public parks seems to prohibit RC anything and I could be cited for flying my sub 150g micro or if my kids want to run their store bought rc car. I believe these laws were created when RC vehicles were much larger and had nitro fuel and unreliable rc links. If these laws are amended we can enjoy the hobby safely and not fear of getting caught by the park ranger or the police. Unfortunately those with malicious intent will do what they want to do regardless of regulations. For those instanceslaw enforcement should have the authority to shoot down or capture the uav.”