, Denmark

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2020-02-23 17:13:34
“First of, I am not from the US but a small European country called Denmark. The reason why I am concerned is that the american ruling often gets picked up by Europe a few years later. I have been flying real (full scale) gliders for 35 years and had my pilots license since 1989. I accumulated almost 2000 hours and it has been my life. Now while getting older, my health condition will not allow me to keep flying real gliders. In stead I was lucky to find this amazing hobby of flying FPV quadcopters. It gives me the same sense of flying as the real thing. Beoynd the flying experience the hobby give me so much knowledge. To build your own quadcopter, selecting the parts and fine tune the software. There are so much to learn and it just amazing. Not to speak about the community real life aswell as online. I am alfraid all of this will disappear, if we no longer are allowed to build our own quadcopters and fly them in remote areas. There must be millions of RC model plane and quadcopter flights each day around the world and almost never do we hear of anything dangerus. I understand bad guys can exploit our beloved hobby but will they comply with the ruling anyway? Thank you for reading this and please, please do consider the nessarity of killing the passion of all the people building their own models and fling them in remote areas.”