Henson, Jr.

, Palmetto

, Florida

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-24 16:01:15
“Having built and flown kit model airplanes since age of 9 years, and having made decorations out of paper airplanes before that, I consider myself a competent pilot and have a life membership in AMA (L-143). I have served in local model clubs most of my adult life. I recently (last three or four years) have become very interested in small electric airplane models made of foam board and powersd by small electric motors. i have built balsa wood and tissue covered rubber band powered, small .15 down to .010 sized planes and have at one time owned plastic and balsa wood planes up to 96 inches span. For a long time after powered planes, i was very interested and flew non-powered gliders, launched from the ground by “Hi-Start” strings. I am currently 89 years old and consider myself a safe flyer.”