, Oregon

, United States

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2020-02-19 10:40:11
“FPV Freestyle Quadcopter flight has been the catalyst to rediscover the freedom, confidence, fun and sence of community that my physical issues cause me to lose in other hobbies. I live in a rural area. Cell service alone is spotty here, none the less wireless internet connection.. I mostly fly at a small, seldom used county park. The park consists of an open area about 500′ x 900′ , 2 metal tables, 1 bbq stand and is surrounded by 125′(ish) Dog Fur Trees. I’ve flown out here for a month at a time, with no one ever coming into the park. On the rare occasion them do, I immediately land, shut everything down and wait..period. The closest FAA Field is literally 1.5 hr drive away, 3 hr round trip would completely prevent me from being in the hobby. The cost of fuel alone would keep me from being able, not to mention the amount of drive time to and from a approved field. Then add in the cost of group membership for the field, paying for pad space and more added cost of an “all day out road trip”… It would END MY INVOLVEMENT.”